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Relevant and updated information for the farmers, traders and other businesses in rural areas is not easily accessible and available in the existing rural set up. WIN will work as the platform for developing agriculture based information and other essential contents for the potential clients. WIN will go through a process of need assessment of information, content collection, field test, digitization, validation & web hosting. And this required huge investment but there is low to moderate scope of immediate return as the concept of information centers in Bangladesh is quite new and only few success stories are there. As WIN members have already worked on three RICs, WIN can play a positive role to the field of content development in Bangladesh. WIN will develop and supply relevant contents for the centers, arrange training for capacity building of center operators and also try to execute other initiatives and work as an independent institution in a profitable way.


WIN Incorporate is an initiative to develop information & advisory services on small businesses and social issues including wide range of agriculture businesses. Our growing service lines have been designed to study the market, provide updated information, solve problems and improve small businesses in the evolving agriculture industry. The main economic driver-agriculture faces many challenges, such as information on new varieties, new technologies, available sources of information, list of input suppliers etc. We have established strong network among the relevant stakeholders including agriculture research institutes, agriculture information services and business houses which lead us in a unique platform of information hub. WIN will also work on growing economic sectors like tourism, electronic commerce.

Our Core Team

Dr. Kashfia Ahmed
Remizius Remi
Director, ICT4D
Fahim Adnan Zaki
Project Manager
Md. Abdur Rahman
Content Developer
Firoz Alam
Senior Executive Finance
Abdul Kader
Weather Analysis & UX Expert
Sharmin Akter
Voice artist and Editor
Nahid Mondol
Jr. Product and UX Manager

Our Services


WIN Inc. is committed to develop, design and serve content on demand. It follows an effective and sophisticated process of content development that make businesses more informative and competitive.

Rural market

Our services have been designed to provide extensive local information and essential market info service to expand marketing opportunities for corporate businesses and would also promote rural micro enterprises.


Due to the recent growth in agribusiness and focus on rural market by the corporate houses and development agencies, WIN Inc. would serve market research and study along with customer profiling.


Promotion of rural artisans and indigenous products of tribal communities through e-commerce: This will create global access for the rural craftsman to get access to new the international markets.

Agro IVR

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system for agro related advisory.

Agro Voice SMS (OBD)

Audio advisory for specific rural/urban segments will be pushed weekly through outbound calls (OBDs).

Agricultural SMS tips

Location specific Agro SMS for urban/ rural users in form of quick advisory.

Agro Call Center

Full-fledged live call center with agriculturists. And much much more...


The Manthan Award SA

for “Banglalink Jiggyasha 7676”, an agro-based call-center, driven by human agents, WINNER in “e-Enterprise and Livelihood” category.

National ICT Award 2010
Appreciation Award

2010 National e-Content and ICT for Development Award: Chairmans’ Appreciation Award for “Banglalink Jiggyasha 7676”.

National ICT Award 2010

2010 National e-Content and ICT for Development Award: Finalist in "e-Localization" category for ruralinfobd.com

mBillionth Award SA 2010

mBillionth Award South Asia 2010: Nominated as the Finalist “Banglalink Jiggyasha 7676”, an agro-based call-center, driven by human agents.



24 April 2018, Dhaka: Bluenumber is open for business in Dhaka, Bangladesh, partnering with Win Incorporate, a leading provider of agricultural support services and engaging a network of over 30,000 farmers.

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As our JV firm Win Miaki Ltd had signed MoU with BMD (Bangladesh Meteorological Department), Win Incorporate also reserves the right to serve as their Service Provider for their 16110 short-code based service delivery on weather forecast, namely Weather Advisory Service. This service came live on April 2018 with SMS feature. OBD and Call Center features were also in the pipe-line. Under this clause WIN has proven record to deliver nation-wide weather and agro-met information service through different channels, especially OBD.

Few recent experiences...

Here are some innovative engagement we have gone through so far
Syngenta Foundation for Sustainable Agriculture (SFSA) Crop Index Insurance

Service is rendered to disseminate weather-index based agro-advisory to crop insured farmers. We have delivered the service to 392,370 farmers in 15-20 sub-districts. Aman, Boro and Potato farmers have been served under this program.

Green Delta Crop Index Insurance Program: Advisory Service for Farmers on Crop Insurance

SMS, OBD, and Call Center services are used to stylize and disseminate agricultural information in a localized weather context. The service has been delivered to 1,500 farmers during the season. Green Delta was the pioneer in introducing weather-index crop insurance and WIN was the only private company as a service provider.

UN Women: Gender Responsive Climate Resilient Agriculture under EmPower Project

We have served with agro-advisory and some capacity-building activities to ensure the outcome: Women’s farmers' productivity in a changing climate increased and loss of production due to disaster was reduced. It has been delivered to 1,200 women farmers directly in 4 subdistricts.

Swisscontact Bangladesh (BMMDP project)

We have been selected to serve more than 32,000 potato farmers with agro-advisory for their yield-based crop insured farmers for four months. We have planned to cover 22 sub-districts with this service. It is the first of its kind: yield-index based crop insurance, which is supposed to be a more effective and lucrative proposition for both farmers and insurers.


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